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Daily Dictation


来自于恶魔奶爸推荐的Daily Dictaion. 每天三篇。



Again. Rumbles are the of thunder with that we’ve got the dangerous cloud-to-ground lighting, brief heavy great rain, gusty winds and even the chance of some nail with ghost from the hell.


Roy is a (the) type of a friend you never introduce to your other friends or bring in to your family. He is… Look at his eyes, brown, full of shit, always, just full of bullshit all the time.



If you are a suffering sufferer off of fear of the No.13, you may found youself going out away of your way to must be extremely extra careful about the on Friday the 13th.

going out of your way: doing everything


to spam spank or not to spam spank ? It is a concerned controversy that version degrees createsa huge demand for divide among parents.




There! see. a piece of cake.

Another drew by How’s everybody doing back there?

PJ keeps talking poking me it’s a Reb with his rib.

It is called braving breathing.

honey, do you get any Gabe doesn’t have a seatbelt ?

or a seat.

you He will be fine.

hey Charlie, are you comfortable ?


Bob, your new car?

Your New car.

//Piece of cake: 小菜一碟


Spanish Spain’s talented man theatre midfielders utilized their quick touch passing strategy not by common ticket …c Known back home as “tiki toka” to control it contribute to all 4 goals.

// utilized: took advantage of; employed


Respecting the dignity of a human being is giving that people a the freedom to choose.

//Respecting: admire, appreciating, recognizing

//dignity: merit, worthiness, importance, honor



One curious 9-years -old girl roads wrote MacDonald‘s’ buring with that burning question: Why does your food look different in the advertising and than what’s in the store?

// advertisement : commercials


Tesla sets says the price ranges from just under 50,000 dollars to about $100,000. depending on the battery size and options you choose.


A 60 68-year-old grandmother tonned taunted by 4 kid children on the a school bus all of case caught un-take on tape.

// taunted: 言语攻击 verbal attack

// caught on tape: record



Pre blessed food, we bless pray for it food, so you don’t have to.


He was about 600 pounds at that point, 640 or so pounds , He gone got down to about 481 480 at one point. He died about at 1000 pounds. Oh my god.

// #1: No.1;

// 600#: 600 pounds.


Usually we just hang out , you know maybe we‘ll’ go for a family hike or something , I don’t know where, you know, we’ll be in Iceland that day , so see, we’ll see what that does. we‘re gonna keep kick back on Sunday, so I don’t know what the plans are.





How can come you‘re wearing a hat?

I got a haircut.

Can I see it?

I don’t know that thing. There’s nothing to see.

Come on let me see it.

Forget this it.

come on.

All right.

// How come you …. : Why are you



well, I guess I should remind you if you are breaking freaking out right now that this might be hasn’t happened … yet.

//freaking out: really worried, getting scared


So It’s a rainy day is a day today, so I think my suddenly soil may be lay down I might do something that’s been needing to be done for a while


This. These young man mountain bikers are spending their afternoon ways racing on the trials.

// trials: paths



Ted, I just wanted to ask you, do you believe in the an afterlife?

Do I what?

Do you believe in the an afterlife?

I do believe Well, Dougal,, generally speaking, pristine priests tend to have a very strong believe belief in the afterlife.

All Boy, I wish I have had your federal faith, Ted

// faith: conviction, strong belief.


I don’t trust anyone anymore.

I don’t blame you. I am not like those so cold so-called feel whether fair-weather your friends with of yours. you can believe you and in me.

// I don’t blame you: It’s not your fault; I understand…


I think i could give use some black coffee.

What size would you like?

I‘ve got a lot of context white to ponder, so I think it’s a large.

I’m afraid we don’t have large, sir.We have pick-low? … ? … ? piccolo, macho, mucho and mucho macho.

// Could I get some black coffee?

// I could use …: when upset/angry/tired…

// ponder: think about



When it comes to figuring out how finger’s feats of strength, it is all in the fingers yield here.

// when it comes to + doing = Regarding

// when it comes to …. , it is all in the …


Post-It Super Sticky Notes hold on stronger and longer, but of course remove cleanly.

// 终于全对了一次啊!!! 喜极而泣 😭


It’s mindly maddening — texting while walking. One town has said is saying it’s time to 11 level fines to against people who walking into the streets heads down everybody else try to doge dodge them.

// maddening: frustrating, make people crazy.

// level fines against people: give fines to people / fine people

// dodge: avoid



Keeping future resources and tact intact means keeping present consumption and in check and that’s why we promote green with ways of living and working.

// intact: complete and not damaged




Even from very very young early on when we were just building this thing for, students stand for one school, there was this concept of what it they just come to before we could returing to turn into, we just want to weren’t sure then that we would be the ones who did it.

// 太难了太难了,真是太难了。哭哭。😭😭😭


One of the Switzerland‘s predominant city cities Basel sits on the switzer swiss border of France and Germany.


Can I Gonna eat them that?
Half had Have at it.
Did you just ask my permission to eat before you took my food.

//Have at it: help yourself; go ahead.



When you come can’t smoke, if you stand and stare out of the stay at a window on your own,
you are naughty an anti-social friendless indias idiot. If you stand and stare out of the stay at a window on your own with a cigeratte, you are fucking v philosopher.

//philosopher: 哲学家


One of the his first trips will who would be to the US in middle summer for a NATO summit where he will people announce it’s about the truth that he is pulling French troops out of Afghanistan by the end of this the year.

// trip –> bussiness trip
// summit: meeting of the highest people, like president. 峰会


Alright, What’s your name?
I’m car Francis Karl Fuentes.
car Karl.
car Karl with a cake K.
A bird in a the hand look was is worth
A million?

// A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.



ok? ready?
I’m ready…
you know what?
How about a little phone number with them rhythm, you know a little bangbangbang…
you got it?
i got it.
1 six teen
are you reallyI already dialed a the 6?
I can’t come go back in time. it’s sleep and slip a 1 in.


If people feel … fail a test he you can do the two things, you can make the people smarter, or you can make the test easier.


That’s why right this weekend is earth day, natural Not your birthday day, don’t get it twisted. Earth day.



why not be fake safe.
Why take a chance?

// Let’s be safe.
// Let’s not take a chance.
// take a chance: 冒险,碰运气


Whether you‘re new to the world of the paddling or the a seasoned veteran bad…, you’re sure to should find a this video paddling guidebook helpful their in your request to find new and exciting world in school rivers to explore.

//seasoned veteran: 经验丰富的老将


It’s the only mideo compubal the mediocre pupil who does not surpass his master, Lenardo writes. And legend has it, that has hats Verrocchio, after seeing Leonardo’s angle, never painted again.

// 😭
// mediocre: not very good. 普通的,平常的
// pupil: student
// master: teacher



The cheetah excels at the celeration acceleration, it’s the sports car of the survana savannah.


These are We were supposed to meant meet today, but i missed the our appointment. sorry.


Hey. Do you got anything to eat?
yes. Try this these.
I am not eating this that kid stuff.
just try it them.



Oh gee, i can’t talk right now. why don’t you give me your phone home number and i’ll call you later.
Oh i guess you don’t want people to call calling your you at home
well then now you know how i feel


It takes a lot of work. You have to work every day on it. And then that’s not the a downside. They wasn’t There isn’t a the downside. Really.

//downside: negative aspect


I had a space outsides it in spades on both sides. It can came really nature natural to me.

// spades: ♠️黑桃
// in spades: 肯定地,坦率地



The point is that you should go get to know this a person first then judge that them, you should never judge a book by its cover, judge it by its another the amount of pages。


not My bad
Tell me you have good have you got a insurance
yes i‘ve got opstic “Allstate”

//My bad; My fault.


1896, The first model modern Olympic games opening happened open in Athens Greece –
landed land of the 18 ancient games but actually about with athletes from 14 countries.

// 14 上升调 T
// 40 下降调 d



Go ahead.
yeah. sure. There are… focus on … google…

// April fool …..
// pronunciation tips: (cancellation matrix)
// 强音(S N L)消灭弱音(d t th)。
// in the car : in nuh car
// in a car: i nuh car
// you and I : you an I


These are not the things dunes in of the Sahara. In fact they are found based on beyond the sql and the Arctic Circle in the permafrost of Russisa’s warf north.

// dune: a wave in desert like in the ocean. 沙丘
//Arctic Circle: 北极圈
// permafrost: 永久冻土
// permanent – always, forever
// frost: 霜


April 4 they will do The day to show the passion compassion, care and act for stray animals all around the world.
//stray: 走失,迷路,流浪



Trying and have having the intention attention to fail, the other script that you gotta scrap the word and from your vocabulary say it and you’re gonna do it and you will.


Well that I think it’s is the real quite a crux of this issue.
// Crux: 症结,关键 key point。The most important thing.
// e.g. The crux of the matter.


look at imagination fees exportation feeds exploration , you have to image the possible before you can gonna go and do it.